Welcome to Bannocks & Ballads

Bannock on green plate

A decade ago I learned to make bread at a weekend course.

Not only did I enjoy learning a new skill, but I was fascinated by the science and the stories linked to the process.

I also found that the bread I made using organic wholemeal flour and a sourdough starter, was digestible for me in a way that other bread wasn’t.

Since then my baking skills need some further practice, but I am more interested than ever in the history and stories that surround it, and am enthusiastic to share these and find more.

Corn Dolly

In this website you will find some stories, songs old and new and a flavour of the traditions associated with growing grain and baking bread in Scotland.

My intention is for this to be a resource for home and community bakers, community growers, educators and anyone who is interested in the stories and lore of bread.

I hope to add to this collection as I get out and about to share these stories and songs, and as I learn more from the people I meet…

A huge thanks to Tasgadh – Small Grants for the Traditional Arts fund, and Bread Matters for making this work possible.

Marie Louise Cochrane