Hands holding dough

Traditions relating to the grain harvest and the baking and sharing of bread.

I have found out a few aspects of these traditions. If you would like to find out more for yourself there are some resources listed at the end.

There is lots of scope here I believe for taking some of these traditions and creating new versions of them to emphasise the themes in community food growing groups.

Aspects of food growth, interdependency of people and the land, communal celebration, acknowledging and valuing the seasons and of course building community.


  • Silver Bough Volumes 1-4 (1957-68) – F. Marian McNeill
  • The Scots Kitchen F. Marian McNeill(1929)
  • Carmina Gadelica – Alexander Carmichael
  • The Golden Bough – James Frazer
  • Scottish Folklore and Folk-life – Donald A Mackenzie
  • A Year in a Scots Kitchen – Catherine Brown